Got a fussy eater? We GET IT!

Emily and Lizalet met in 2021 when they crossed paths at their children’s kindergarten. During that same year Emily’s son was diagnosed as Autistic and suddenly his very fussy eating behaviours made a lot of sense. Knowing Lizalet was a Paediatric Dietitian who specialised in fussy eating, Emily consulted Lizalet who sparked the idea of Food Play. Realising the lack of resources and tools to support parents through what is one of the MOST stressful parts of parenting, The Curious Carrot was born. Read more about each of their stories below.

Meet Lizalet.

Hey there, I'm Lizalet, a mom of two amazing girls and a pediatric dietitian with over 15 years of experience. But here's the twist – even with all that expertise, I found myself facing a challenge I wasn't fully prepared for: my own two picky eaters!

When my youngest hit the age of 3, it was like a switch flipped inside me. I embarked on a mission, armed with well-researched strategies to tackle the picky eating dilemma that had taken over my household. These weren't just any strategies; they were the very ones that turned our mealtimes from chaos to moments of joy and connection.

And you know what? I couldn't keep this culinary magic to myself. I wanted the world to know that there's a way to transform mealtime battles into something beautiful. That's when I crossed paths with Emily, and it felt like fate had brought us together. She had the skills to bring my ideas to life and the creative spark to give them the flair they deserved.

Now, we're on a mission to share these life-changing strategies with families just like yours. We believe that every meal should be a moment of joy, connection, and nourishment for your family. So, welcome to our world of fuss-free mealtimes and happy eating! 🍽️💫

Meet Emily.

Having worked all over the world in Marketing roles for some truly amazing brands, I took on my most challenging role as 'Mum' just over 6 years ago.

In 2021, after receiving an Autism diagnosis for my son (that helped explain his extremely fussy eating), I sought a consult with Lizalet as a Paediatric Dietitian. She helped me ease the angst and guilt associated with raising such a picky eater and encouraged me to play and have fun with food (instead of bribing, fighting and negotiating!). I began seeking out different activities & tools to get my little man to sit at the table and interact with food in a way he never had before – and it worked 🙌🙌

Over a coffee with Lizalet, The Curious Carrot was born from the mutual desire to turn mealtime stress into fun learning opportunities for fussy eaters!

Feel free to share your experiences, ask questions, or simply say hello. We can't wait to get to know each and every one of you and build a community dedicated to fostering a love for food and family at the dinner table.