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Hey there parents of Picky Eaters!

You've just landed in the right place! We've dived deep into the secrets of how kids learn to like new foods, and we've whipped up some seriously cool tools you can use right in your kitchen.

Here's the scoop: Kids don't just dive into new foods; they need to feel comfortable and familiar with them first. That's where the magic of FOOD PLAY comes in! 🍽️🎉



Explore our carefully curated range of bespoke 'Food Play' Activity Kits and Kitchen Tools to help fussy eaters learn to like new foods without a fight! Our aim with these products is to provide you with practical tools and strategies to make mealtime battles a thing of the past.

Created by us! Mums to curious little foodies.

What do you get when you cross a Paediatric Dietitian with a Marketeer who BOTH have fussy eaters? Read our story.

Read our story
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