How can Food Play help a picky eater with sensory challenges?

How can Food Play help a picky eater with sensory challenges?

As parents, we understand the daily struggle of getting our picky eaters to try new foods, especially when sensory aversions are at play. The good news is that there's a delightful, effective, and pressure-free way to help your little ones embrace a broader palate and make mealtimes more enjoyable – of course, it’s with Food Play!

Food Play can be an effective way to gently guide your fussy eater through the steps of eating by exploring, touching, and eventually tasting different foods. It's all about creating a positive, sensory-rich experience that encourages curiosity and reduces anxiety around new or disliked foods.

If you’re just starting out with Food Play, we understand that the idea can be daunting. Sounds like something that could be time consuming right? And where do you even start?? Let us reassure you that Food Play doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t have to take a lot of time for you to start reaping the benefits. All you need is some simple tools to get you started. But which ones to choose first? 

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer here because it really depends on what may draw your own child's attention. However, in our experience, no child has been able to resist the draw of our Push Top Fruit & Veggie Cutters.

Our Push Top Fruit & Veggie Cutters are seriously MAGICAL. They help turn meal prep into a creative, sensory exploration activity. With no pressure to eat, your child can get hands-on with a variety of fruit and vegetables without the battle! By doing this, they will be undertaking important sensory learning as each new experience they have forms neural connections that contribute to the development of their amazing brains.

Here’s more reasons why we love the Push Top Fruit & Veggie Cutters:

Portion Size: These cutters are not only an amazing tool for kids to get hands on with food prep, they also make food visually appealing (because of the fun shapes!) and provide smaller more manageable pieces that can help to prevent overwhelm by making the food appear less intimidating.

Playful: Sensory challenges can lead to food-related anxiety so it’s important to make mealtimes and food prep for young children enjoyable, not stressful. Fun shapes inject playfulness into their experience which in turn can help to reduce mealtime stress and foster a more relaxed atmosphere. This is critical to make way for pressure free exploration and learning.

Novelty: Kids are naturally drawn to novelty. Food presented in unique forms transforms eating into an engaging adventure rather than something that is a chore. Plus the cutters themselves are a novelty too! Kids won't be able to resist the opportunity to do their own 'cutting.'

Remember - every  playful moment with food is a step toward expanding their culinary horizons and creating a more enjoyable mealtime atmosphere. We're here to help you do just that!

Let us know your experiences with sensory food play by commenting below!


Important: our products and advice are aimed at children aged 3 - 8 years and is not suitable for children under 3 yrs of age.

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