How to help your fussy eater to try new foods without a fight.

How to help your fussy eater to try new foods without a fight.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on how to get picky eaters to try new foods. You have most likely tried a few (if not all!) and wonder if there is more to it because your picky eater is still reluctant to try new foods.

We know that we cannot "get" children to eat foods that they are not ready for. Instead, we need to rephrase this to "how can I help my child try new foods". This is a mind shift on the parents' part. It helps to shift the intention from pressure (even if it is subtle), to facilitating change using available tools and strategies to help make it easier on your child to take that leap and try a new food. 

To help your fussy eater get on board with trying new foods, you need the right strategies AND tools. That is what we have created here at The Curious Carrot. As mums of fussy eaters, we recognise that parents don't only need new strategies to try, but also the physical tools to really help their child get the confidence to try new foods.

Imagine this - instead of nagging or bribing your fussy eater to try a new food - you have a toolbox of fun food play items that you can use to help your child become curious about the new food that you would like them to eat.

Getting hands on by cutting veggies into animal shapes with Fruit & Veggie Cutters, letting your child help you chop fruit and veggies using a Kiddikutter knife and exploring veggies using The Veggie Explorer Food Play Activity Kit. 

We know that no child can resist fun and by inviting your child to "play" with their food by using these tools, they will become more familiar with the new food by learning about its sensory properties (what it looks, feels, smells and sounds like) and in turn, become more confident to try the new food on their own terms.

We are advocates for "playing with your food" because it leads to food confidence. Food confidence leads to easier mealtimes and that is a BIG win!

If you are ready to jump in, have a look at our online store and let the PLAY begin!

- Lizalet 


please note our products and advice are aimed at children 3-8 yrs of age and not suitable for children under 3 yrs of age.


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