5 Kitchen tools I use to help picky eaters try new foods (as a mum and picky eating expert)

5 Kitchen tools I use to help picky eaters try new foods (as a mum and picky eating expert)

The most common question I get from parents of picky eaters is: “how can I get my child to try new foods?” As a Paediatric Dietitian who helps families who are struggling with picky eating I know that this can be a big cause of concern for parents.  

I am the mum of two girls and here is what I use to help my picky eaters try new foods: I let them explore the food I want them to eat  - away from mealtimes. I choose 2 veggies/fruits that I want them to try and let them "build" and "play" with the food to discover what it looks, feels, sounds and smells like.

Think of it as an activity for them to enjoy. There should be no pressure on your child to eat the food.

The secret here is that when children are allowed to explore new or previously rejected foods in a fun and relaxed environment - they are more likely to choose that food when it shows up on the table!

I do this by using these 5 kitchen tools:

1. Push top fruit and veggie cutters.

These encourage children to interact and have fun with food, making different shapes and creating stories with the cute bunny or bear shapes. If you have a picky eater who won't touch certain foods, this is a sure way to encourage them to get more hands on. No child can resist fun!

2. Googly eye food picks 

When a veggie is always met with a "yuck" - add these cute eye picks and it will be met with curiosity and wonder instead. We are changing the narrative and helping picky eaters overcome their fear of trying a new food.

3. KiddiKutter knives

This really is the stress free way to get kids hands on with food. It is sharp enough to cut through an apple but doesn't cut fingers! Kids feel really proud when they have helped to prepare some element of a meal and are more likely to try it. My tip here is before dinner give your picky eater the "job" of cutting some cucumber or tomato for the salad. 

4. Pick Sticks

Any food is more fun on a stick! Let your child make a fruit kebab by using the push top cutters to make cute shapes and then onto the Pick Sticks. These are also great for meatballs or chicken on a stick. Or frozen banana rounds dipped in chocolate as featured here!

5. Pick Plates

These make serving deconstructed meals easy and fuss free. Ask your child to chop up some veggies and place them into the different sections. We love that the Pick Plate Biggie can serve 4 kids and have a section in the middle for a dip. I honestly use mine every day.


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Important note: Our food play tools and advice is aimed at children aged 3-8 years and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. 

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