3 Game-Changing Benefits of Divided Plates for Your Picky Eater

3 Game-Changing Benefits of Divided Plates for Your Picky Eater

Serving food in divided plates is a simple yet effective strategy for managing picky eaters. The visual appeal, portion control, food separation, sense of empowerment, and playful elements all contribute to a more positive mealtime experience for kids.

1. Portion Perfection:

Picky eaters are easily overwhelmed by food, especially when it is served in large portions. Divided plates come with a built-in portion control feature. With smaller servings, mealtimes are less overwhelming and they're more likely to give different foods a chance.

2. Separation Sensation:

Picky eaters often have strong feelings about mixing their foods. Divided plates keep each item in its own space, preventing unwanted mixing. This allows kids to focus on one flavour or texture at a time, making it easier for them to enjoy their meal. 

3. Self-serving:

If you have been following our instagram account you will know that we are BIG advocates for letting your child serve themselves (when they are old enough usually from about 3 years of age). 

This sense of control can make them more willing to try new foods and be more independent at mealtime. 

The Pick Plate BIGGIE is the perfect solution for this, big enough to serve 2 kids and 2 adults  - place it in the middle of the table, hand your child a pair of tongs and encourage them to dish up for themselves!

So, the next time you face mealtime battles, consider bringing out the divided plates – it certainly has been a game changer in our households!

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